Blush Blush Blush Blush Blush

Heeeeeeeeeey guys!!! I’m soooo sooo sorry I haven’t done a post in ages and I know no the last few posts I’ve been saying that I’m super busy which actually I am!! But I’m very sorry that I haven’t been active on here recently, just wait in May  guys when university is finally finished wohooo, I’ll be posting so much you’ll be sick of me. Anyways back the topic of ‘blush’. 

So recently guys I don’t know what it is but I’ve been very obsessed with blushes. Like my makeup is not complete if I don’t apply Blush of some sort to my face. So in this post I will be reviewing some of the blushes that I own (creams and powders) and the good and the not so good things about them. I hope you enjoy 🙂 

Before I get into it guys I thought you’d like to know that I’m more of cream Blush girl and not a powder girl. I feel that creams work better on my skin as I do have dry skin 🙂

First we will review the cream blushes 

I’m sure you guys can figure out which product is which but for those that don’t I’ll let you. Top photo- furthers left is Bobbi brown, bourjois, rimmel. 

  • I’m going to go straight to my favourite one which is the Bourjois cream Blush ’06’ (in the bottom photo this is the 4th swatch and ’04’ which is the 5th swatch. Now I love love love love these colour, like look at the subtle shimmer in it!
  1. Soft and creamy texture 
  2. Beautiful colour
  3. Glides on flawless
  4. Easy to blend out with just using fingers
  5. Looks super natural and beautiful 
  6. Has the right amount of pigmentation 
  7. Super cheap 
  8. It’s super versatile- I like to use it as eyeshadow and on my lips 

I cannot complain about these two shades because the colour is so me and the formula is so creamy and thick. 

  • Bobbi brown pot rouge for lips and cheeks- uber beige 28
  1. Love the colour, it’s not too dark and not too light
  2. Again it’s versatile 
  3. It stays on all day and doesn’t wear away so no need for top up

However the only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that the formula is tacky and sticky and the price is not worth is. 

  • Rimmel stay blushed – ‘003’ and ‘005’
  1. I love thee shades for creating the perfect glow look
  2. Easy to blend and lasts all day
  3. It has a very smooth finish and it doesn’t even look like you are wearing anything. Looks very natural but adds the subtle glow 
  4. It’s a thick consistent and it’s very pigmented, so a little goes a long way

Guys all of the cream blushes I got from fragrancedirect (online) because they are super super cheap. 
Now moving onto powder blushes 

  • NARS ‘unlawful’
  1. The shimmer in it is to die for literally lol
  2. It’s super pigmented
  3. It’s a beautiful shade
  4. Last all day
  5. When applying to the face it doesn’t even feel or sit like powder, like it’s untraceable when applied to the skin 

The only down side for me is that it’s definitely out of my budget to be buying these blushers

  • Too faced papa don’t peach
  1. Out of all my powder blushes this is my favourite
  2. It smells like peaches, once I open it I can literally just sit for hours smelling it
  3. The colour is so peachy guys lol, it’s just the colour a Blush should be 
  4. I love spraying my brush then applying this to my lids

Only downside is that it is quiet powdery, so it does take abit of time to blend out 

  • Zoeva nude spectrum 
  1. Does not feel like powder at all as it’s very creamy 
  2. Very pigmented 
  3. Getting 4 different shades in one pallete is defo going to help you save money and storage 
  4. I use this for eyeshadow too

The only thing I don’t think about it is the fact that two of the shades are useless because they are too dark. They are so dark that maybe I could use them as a contour or a bronzer lol. 

  • Milani powder Blush ’05’ and ’11’
  1. Guys just look at the packaging firstly, how beautiful is it. Like I’m a sucker for anything that looks like roses
  2. It’s easy to apply onto the skin
  3. Cheap and cheerful 
  4. Pretty big pan so it’ll last a long time
  5. I love the colour, especially ’11’ as it’s a light pinky purple shimmery shade
  6. Looks beautiful on the eyelids too

The only things I hate about it is the smell and it has a chalky feeling to it, like when I was trying to swatch it, it would crumble. And you have to put a few layers of the powder on your cheeks for the colour tonreally stand out. 
I hope you enjoyed this post guys 🙂