The Road to Recovery

Whether you have endured heartbreak, loss of someone close to you, didn’t get the job you wanted or simply life just isn’t your friend right now… I hope you find solace in my words.

When God decides to take something away from you or He doesn’t give you what you prayed consistently for, it does not mean it’s the end of the world nor does it mean you are being punished for something you had previously done. I’m not sure about you guys but when I was younger, I was always told “Iqra if you don’t do this this this, God will take this, this this away from you”. When I reached my teen years, again I was told by countless friends “well if you hadn’t of done that iqra, then this wouldn’t have happened. You just have to deal with the consequences now”. Before you all start thinking what the hell did you do Iqra?! It was nothing serious aha, just silly girly issues that you go through as a teen. Alot of the times, when I didn’t get what I wanted, I would start blaming God. Instead of maybe looking at the positives of why I didn’t get this and that, i’d look at the negatives of how God was punishing me, how life was being so unfair to me, how God was only making life hard for me and nobody else. Guys i would get so angry and fustrated at the thought of it, and not being able to talk about it to anyone made it worse.

Coming from a Pakistani family, as alot of you will know and may have experienced how hard it is to talk about ‘feelings’ and ‘issues’ openly at home. Anything that comes under the ‘psychological’ subject is hush-hush and swept under the carpet, it’s not something you can discuss. So you can imagine how hard it is to keep everything bottled up inside all the time and not having anyone to share it with. I think thats probably one of the main reasons why an individuals issues increase is beacuse there isn’t a supportive network for them to depend on, there isn’t that voice telling us it’s okay to share your problems and that there’s no need to go through it alone. The road to recovery isn’t done alone, you don’t have to be afraid to open up to someone and share your problems. Honestly you will feel 10000000 times better after sharing a problem.

As I got older, I started to blame God less and I realised that some things don’t work out for the best. I know at the time it won’t make sense but when you look back you’ll realise God was actually saving you from something, instead of ‘punishing’ you. Somethings may seem perfect on the outside but what the eye may fail to see is that its actually toxic for you. just because something looks good, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Unfortunately growing up, I was never given such advice. I was always told, if you didn’t get what you wanted it’s because you didn’t try hard enough or the fact that God was punishing you, now when I look back it makes me laugh. Growing up, I had a habit of believing anything anyone would tell me. Someone could tell me they were visiting the moon and i’d probably believe them, heck i’d even ask my mom if I could go with them.

It’s pretty simple guys… Everything happens for a reason, just because you had a bad day, didn’t get what you wanted or are going through a bad relationship pahse… It doesn’t mean you’re being punished for something nor do you deserve it, but always try to make a negative situation into a positive. Some good always comes out of a negative experience, whether that’s making you stronger as a person. making you wiser, opening your eyes or stopping you from repeating the same mistake again. Sometimes things aren’t meant to be because you don’t deserve it, you deserve 1000 times better than that but who can we blame? we are all greedy people, who take the first ‘good’ thing that life throws at us without thinking twice if it’s actually good for us in the long run or not. Somethings may seem great for us but in the long run it’s not so good for us, letting go of it may seem like the worst thing ever but I promise you when you look back at it after a couple months, you’ll laugh and think to yourself ‘what was I doing’.

The world isn’t going to crash nor are you going to lose your life because someone left you, because you didn’t get the grades you wanted or because you didn’t get the job you wanted. Life is a learning curve, you got to fall, then pick yourself up, trip again along the way, in order to recovery.

And if you’re like me, someone that believes in a God, don’t give up on Him. Regardless of what situation you are put in, He’ll see it through with you.

Have hope, stay happy and positive in every situation, don’t bottle things up because in the long run it will do more harm than good and if you ever ever ever need someone too talk too… I’m here 🙂 x




Iqra x

The Ultimate Guid To Self- Love

Hi guuuuuuuys,

I hope you are all well and having a blessed year so far, I’ve been meaning to post for some time but unfortunatley life had other plans for me. I was super busy with other things that I did not have any time to keep my blog up to date but DON’T WORRY I AM HERE FOR GOOD! I will try to post once or twice a week BUT heres the BIG BUT guys… I want to try something new….. Instead of doing makeup and skin care reviews which I’m sure you all love, I want to start talking about relevant issues us women face on a daily basis yet find it hard to talk about. As a young women my self, I know how hard it is to be faced with problems and difficulties in life without having a supportive network to help you cope with these issues…..and that is why I’m here to let you guys know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and that it’s perfectly normal to be upset and sometime confused about certain things but this is why I have decided to address the issues and to help so that you don’t feel alone or aliented.

Today I would like to touch upon a very important topic, something that is personal to me and close to my heart…SELF LOVE

Now it’s very easy for people to throw around the word ‘self-love’ without thinking twice about its purpose. It’s very easy for someone to say “If you loved yourself, this wouldn’t have happened to you.”, “you can’t love anyone unil you love yourself first” or “how can you expect to be confident without self-love”…. I’m sorry to say this but those that make statements like the examples I’ve given, have never really experienced self-love.

The journey to self-love is full of mistakes, suffering, confusion and pain, but once you get there its the most beautiful, worthwhile journey you will have experienced… I’m saying this from my own personal experience.

God knows how I made it to 21 and intact, as my teen years were very unstable due to my insecurities. I loved comparing myself to other girls, I loved putting myself down and I looooooved taking second place in everything. I would never push myself to be better than yesterday, it was alway ” I can’t do that” rather than ” I can do that and I will do it”. I pretty much depended and relied on other people to do things for me, my whole world revolved around them rather than me, I couldn’t imagine life without them, it was as if my life depended on them and if they were to suddenly go, my life would crumble… that’s how insecure I was, I allowed another person to determine my worth and existence. It’s pretty sad when I think about, I guess I hated myself so much, I’d do anything to not be alone. I spent my entire teenage years with some kind of companion, friend or partner to lean on for everything, I guess I didn’t understand self-love back then because I was so tied up in other peoples shit (mind my language) , that I didn’t value myself enough to give myself some space, some alone time so that I could ‘find’ myself or reconnect with myself.

2017 was probably the worst year of my life, complete and utter fuck up (mind my language)… this was the year that everyone decided to get up and leave, now as you can imagine spending most of my life depending on someone, and then for them to just leave had a HUUUUUUUUGE impact on me. I went through a very very tough time of trying to find my ‘role in life’ , trying to figure out who I am without depending on someone. It didn’t work guys, I actually hated myself, I hated my life. It was at this point where I was at my lowest. Guys I don’t know if you’ve ever had this feeling inside of you, like this empty feeling as if something is missing… yeah I had that feeling for such a long time. This had a really big impact on my Imaan , my prayers were so inconsistent, I stopped reading Quran and eventually I gave it all up. I couldn’t stand myself either, like I was so sick of myself, so sick of feeling worthless. I felt like there was no meaning to my life now that I didn’t have anyone to depend on.

I  would spend every waking hour to myself, trying to put the pieces together, trying to figure out how and why I had gotten myself into this mess .I can’t stress enough how important it was to find the answer because if I didnt, it’d eat me up.

During this period I went through a stage of physically being present but menatlly i was somewhere else, slowly began losing interest in everything associated with ‘living’.

The Road To Recovery-  

By September 2017, enough was enough. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and decided life is too short to be unhappy.

  • The first step I took was removing negativity out my life whether that was people, relationships, feelings and thoughts…It all had to be removed so that I could concentrate on being a better me.
  • Making sure I took at least an hour out of my day just for ‘me time’, I would either go to gym or read poetry in the evenings before I slept. It’s really important that you give yourself alone time because being able to value your self worth will make you a stronger person, it will enable you to decide what you need in life and what you dont, who is worth your time and who is not.
  • Stay poisitive… just stay positive and try to turn a negative into a positive. Don’t allow other peoples opinions or judgments etc ruin your day or mood because why should you allow someone to have control over you.
  • Every morning look at yourself in the mirror… smile and big yourself up because no ones opinion should matter more than your own and if that means standing infront of the mirror for half an hour complimenting yourself then go for it, do it.
  • Focus on yourself and be soo happy and content with your own company that you don’t need anyone else.
  • Never discredit yourself, if you’ve done something good or have achieved something then be proud of it, you don’t have to tell anyone but tell yourself.

I’d like to be very clear about this, so read it and understand it… you don’t need ANYBODY other than yourself to tell you your worth. You don’t need to depend on ANYBODY but yourself and you certainly don’t need ANYBODY for company when you have yourself and that is… Self- Love.

I hope you all enjoyed my first ‘serious’ topic, if theres any other topics/ issues you guys would like me to address then comment on this article or direct message me on @iqra_khvn  xxx

‘Glowing to the gods’ hmmmmm…. really?

GUESS WHOS BACK IN DA BUILDING? ITS MEEEEEEEEEEE 😀 I hope you didn’t miss me too much and I apologize for bring away for nearly 2 months. I don’t even know where to start guys like university assignments and exams took over, spending most of my time hauled up in the library or looked in my room revising. Then when I did get the slightest bit of time to myself it was consumed with business orders so what I’m trying to say guys is I didn’t even have a minute to spare for a block in 48 hours… I’M BACK WITH A BANG NOW, READY TO SHARE ALL MY FAVE BEAUTY PRODUCTS, MY NOT SO FAVES AND COME ON YOU ALL KNOW HOW I LOVE A BARGAIN! SO I WILL BE SHOWING YOU GUYS ALOT OF DUPES AND SOME REALLY AFFORDABLE MAKEUP THAT’S BETTER THAN THE SO CALLED ‘BEST’. 

So I’m going to start this post of with my favourite highlighters (100% guarantee you they’ll blind your haters). 

Just a health and safety precautions guys- please wear sunglasses when viewing the swatches. Thank you x

Before I describe each one I’m going to upload photos of the swatches, so you guys know the shades. 

1. MAC- Retro speck 

So guys this is actually an eyeshadow which I use as a highlighter because of its luminous glow. 


  • I bought this from Tk max guys for £7.99 (super cheap) compared to its original price. 
  • The formula is not chalky or ashy
  • Easy to work with  
  • I like the Golden goddess theme to it 
  • It’s not very glittery 
  • An amazing highlighter shade when going for a bronze or dewy makeup look


  • I can only wear this highlighter when I’ve gone for a very brown golden look otherwise this colour does work with my skin tone as I’m x10 shades lighter lol. 

2. Ofra highlighter- Beverly Hills 


I always think highlighter pans like this Ofra one are a must!!! You have 6 colours in one ( 5 individual ones and then 1 when you mix them all). I have heard sooo many amazing things about ofra highlighters so I couldn’t help myself. 


  • The formula is literally to die for. It’s the perfect formula for highlighters. It’s so buttery, smooth and silky 
  • I hate highlighters that are full of glitter, so thank the lord this is not 
  • I love the fact that it’s so versatile. I use the darkest shade as a very gently bronzer and I use all the shades on my eyelids 
  • The formula is super easy to blend on any type of skin and each colour matches different skin tone. So you can sleep happy knowing you’ve got a shade for you lol 


  • None 

3. Makeup obsessions highlighter – H112 lightning, H102 pearl, eyeshadow E109 champagne 

I was going to talk about these highlighters from Makeuo forever individually in a separate review post but truth be told I honestly couldn’t wait because these are my favorite drugstore highlighters in the drugstore highlighter world lol. I bet you can’t guess how much each pan was?!!…..£3 yes let me spell that out THREEEEE POUNDS from boots online. 


  • They are super super cheap
  • Soooooo pigmented guys. The pigmentation is unreal 
  • It’s not powdery or chalky
  • Has a really soft feel to it
  • Melts into the skin 
  • Not sparkly or glittery 
  • Really easy to work with
  • The variety of shades is so good 


  • None

3. Kiko Milani summer 2.0 highlighting drops- golden shell 

The one one the left. 

This highlighter is different to the rest as it comes in a liquid form. I prefer a liquid highlighter than a powder form one, I guess that because I suffer from dry skin now and then so for me personally a liquid formula works better when I’m having my off days. 


  • The pigmentation and glow from this highlighter is immense 
  • It’s a beautiful golden shade, ideal for lightmedium to dark skin
  • It just glides on the skin and is easy to blend 
  • No glitter what’s so ever in this
  • It has a really nice silky smooth finish with an immense glow. 
  • It is so so so versatile. Sometimes I mix this in my foundation, other times I apply a powder highlighter on top to intensify the highlight even more 


  • Again I can’t wear this colour on a daily basis as it’s a very brozy shade so I can only wear it when I’m going for a very dark bronze look 

4. Kiko Milani eyeshadow 208

I feel like the powder solid version of the liquid highlight is an exact dupe. I can’t fault, like I said it’s the same as the liquid version. The only difference is that the highlight is even more intense in the 208 eyeshadow. 

So guys thats the end of my post on my highlighters so far. I might do one on highlighters I hate so stay tuned. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Thank you so much for the love and support 
Iqra xxx

BarryM review 

Hey guys, hope you’re all good. I know I know I know you don’t need to tell me that’s I haven’t been up to date with my posts but I’ve just been soooooo busy for the past couple of weeks that I’m trying really hard to squeeze some time in for you girlies. 

I thought I would do a review on some products from an affordable drugstore brand called ‘BarryM’. Now guys I have heard such amazing things about this brand but I’ve never really had the chance to look into it or try any of their products up until now. If I’m honest guys when it comes to the base of my makeup such as the highlighting and contouring I do tend to use high end products for that because unfortunately I can’t find any drugs store products for continuing that meet my expectations. So when I saw these cute products from BarryM I couldn’t help myself and I’m pretty sure if you spend something like £7.99 on BarryM products they throw in a free ‘chisel cheeks contour kit’. So without further  ado guys I’m going to get straight into it. 

From superdrug I purchased:

  • Flawless chisel cheeks contour kit (for light to medium skin tones)
  • Flawless chisel cheeks contour cream kit
  • Matte me up lip kit (pose)

Flawless chisel cheeks contour kit


  • It feels really soft and buttery
  • Applies evenly to the skin without making it look patchy
  • The shades are really intense, so you only really need a little bit 
  • It is buildable 
  • Stay put all day 
  • Gives you a really chiseled look
  • It isn’t messy 


  • Needs to be a better shade range as the colors are a tad on the dark side if you’re pale like me 

Chisel cheeks contour cream kit


  • I love the shade range, it’s very Versatile 
  • The formula is super creamy and thick but not to thick, it’s just right
  • It is also builable 
  • When apply the contour cream it is not messy at all, it applies with precision 
  • Gives a beautiful subtle glow to the skin 
  • Amazing for people with dry skin 

Cons: none other than to make the pans abut thicker 

Matte me up lip kit (pose)


  • I love the colour, it a beautiful pinky nude 
  • It last all day 
  • I can’t fault the lip liner, it’s so creamy and soft


  • The actual liquid lipstick is way to drying on my lips 
  • Patchy, I had to apply it a good three times to get an even coat

(Top to bottom swatches ) chisel cheeks contour cream kit, chisel cheeks contour kit, matte me up lip kit
Below are photos of me wearing both contour kits. 

My favourite makeup brushes 

Using the right makeup brushes for your makeup is really important guys and it can make such a difference to your makeup! I am going to list my favourite brushes when doing my makeup. You don’t loads and loads of brushes you just need a few good ones. I switch up my brushes but like out of the 50+ brushes I own, these are the brushes that have never let me down: 

Foundation blending/ buffing brush:

  1. Zoeva 102/silk finish
  2. So eco finishing brush 
  3. Niko pro
  • Flawless finish 
  • No streaks
  • Individual hair bristles have never fallen out
  • Gentle on the skin 
  • Easy to use 
  • These brushes really help work the foundation into the skin 

Concelor brush/ highlight brush:

  1. Niko pro
  • The hairs on the brush are so fine and silky 
  • No creasing of concealer 
  • Flawless/ smooth finish 
  • Doesn’t drag the concelor 
  • Doesn’t waste product 
  • Really delicate to the under eye 
  • The right size for under eye highlight 

Contour brushes 

  1. Niko Pro
  2. Stilla 35
  • Shape/ angle of the brush is really good for a defined and sharp contour 
  • It’s very accurate 
  • Love the Niko pro brush for nose contour, it is so accurate 

Setting under eye 

  1. Morphe (there’s no number lol it came in a set)
  • Small brush
  • Perfect size for setting under eye
  • It doesn’t drag product
  • Delicate on the under eye
  • It’s amazing when dusting of excess powder under eye

Face powder brush

  1. Morphe

  • Easy to set face as it’s a big powder brush
  • Hair doesn’t fall of the brush
  • Gives a flawless finish after buffing in the powder 

Angled Contour powder brush 

  1. Eco tools angled face 
  • Defined contour 
  • Super easy to blend
  • Very soft 
  • Accurate angle to it 
  • Versatile as I like to use it for my nose also 

Blush brush

  1. bh cosmetics 108
  • Big sized brush 
  • Fluffy 
  • Doesn’t apply the powder on heavy
  • Give a natural flawless, flushed cheek look
  • Versatile as I sometime like to use it as a face powder brush 

Highlight brush

  1. Eco tools highlighting fan 
  • The right size, not too long and not too short
  • Soft
  • Picks ups a good amount of highlighter 
  • Again this is a accurate brush when placing highlight in the correct place