Korean haul part 1

I’ve always been a huge fan of Korean product, I just think they are sooo amazing and nothing like the normal skin care products we use. I don’t think a lot of people have tried Korean products like if you asked me 2 years ago “what are Korean products?” I wouldn’t be able to answer it lol. I was first introduced to Korean products by a friend of mine who was Korean lol (the irony ). Ever since then I really started to reaserch more into Korean products and the benifits and so on. 

A couple of days ago I did a Korean haul on my snapchat (iqrakhvn) and the recieved were amazing, the screenshots were going wild!! So I thought why not do a blog about it on here :).  
In total I order more products than the photos displayed above but I thought I’d break it down and do two seperate reviews on it. So as you can see in the above I used all them together so as part of a skin care routine. Then I used the second part of the haul as a second skin care routine which I will do a post about another day.  Just to let you know I purchased these products from http://www.yesstyle.com except for the wonder pore which was from tk maxx, it can also be purchased from Amazon. 

I am officially obsessed with these products.  I have fully fallen head over heals with this combination. You maybe thinking I’m over exaggerating but I’m not!!! Korean products are winning in the skin care game. All of the products above  gave me an instant result and I was shocked to see how quick it made my skin glow up. I really like to use these altogether as I feel like it gives you the full shabang! So I am going to put them in order of what I used first etc. To be honest guys this set to me is a complete skin care set that can be used on its own. 

So let’s start with style black head brush cleanser. Guys this is the bomb, no way am I wasting like £9 on a few biore strips when I’ve got this. Im guessing it is some type of face and blackhead wash which has a brush attached to the end, this  really get into your pores and gives your face and pores a good scrub removing black heads and white heads. Like I mentioned earlier I saw results instantly, after rubbing my face and nose for 30 seconds, my nose was baby soft with very few black heads, it got rid of the majority and it tightened up my pores and gave them a good clean out. 

Then after I used the etude house whipping foaming which again I can’t complain about. It does exactly what it says to deep cleanse pores, balance your skin pH level, refine skin tone and minimise appearance of pores. It’s an ideal product to have in your skin care routine as it can be used as a face mask and a cleanser. 

Then I went onto applying sewame spots and whitening mask, I don’t tend to get whitening masks but I thought I’d try it out as I’ve never come across a face mask that claims to reduce spots, be warned this face mask has a lot of serum in it so defo save it!! This mask really tightened my face and made it very smooth and after my face did look a lot brighter.

 Then finally I applied this cute little product which is Hanoaka chuchu lip scrub in the flavour strawberry and cotton candy, this tastes so good!! I ended up eating it and Licking it of my lips. I have the lush lip scrub and this is nothing compared to it. The chuchu lip scrub has a jelly texture with an oil base so you don’t need to apply lip balm, this hydrated my lips instantly. 

All- Clear Mint Pack (W.Lab ) Review

Hi guys I’m very nervous writing this because it’s the first time I am doing something like this so I don’t even know if I’m doing it right or not *crys*.

The first thing I want to talk about is ‘All-Clear Mint Pack’ By W.Lab which is a Korean products. Guys you can never go wrong with Korean products, they are amazing. If uk products, Korean products and American products were playing monopoly, Korean products would be the one with all the hotels, houses on Mayfair LOL And owned most of the properties.img_9223

So believe me when I say this mask is literally gold. It has to be my all time favourite masks and my go to face mask for any emergency or when my skin needs that TlC. I feel like this face mask is a multi-purpose mask because not only does it get underneath your skin and clear you pores about but it also tightens your skin and gives you that fresh, wide awake look. I can’t lie guys it does have a very strong mint smell, I don’t think the smell is a problem as I think it’s quiet refreshing.

Now let me describe how it feels OMG!! This is the best bit! So when you apply the mask, it has a cool tingly feeling which is not painful but very unusual. I have never experienced this cool tingly sensation in my life, the more I apply the face mask the more I start to like the feeling. After 20 seconds of applying it, my skin feels like it’s sucking in air (you know how after you’ve had a airways chewingum, that weird airy feeling it leaves in your mouth like you can just suck in air, that’s basically the feeling it has on your face!!). I left the mask on for 15 mins until my face felt tight, then washed it off with warm water. Now this is the part I don’t really like guys, it’s quite hard to rub the mask off because it sticks to your face, you have to rub your face for some time before the masks starts to remove. Thats the only down side to it and if it gets in your eyes it burns! But apart from that I love it because it opens up my pores like nothing I’ve seen before, cleans out all the gunk in my skin that ovbiously isn’t visible to the human eye, leaves my skin feeling sooo fresh and smooth like a baby’s bottom so what’s not to like about it 🙂

This is the second time I’ve purchased this product. I bought it from tk maxx for £11.99, for the price it’s decent as it does come in a very large tub and the consistency is thick so only a little amount of product is needed to cover the face. Guys if you can’t find it in Tk maxx, Amazon sells it too xxx

Hope you enjoyed my first blog reviewy thingy lol xxxx