About Me

Hi my lovely viewers, as you may all know I have been meaning to make a blog or youtube channel for such a long time but I have never got round to it, especially now with my business booming Allhumdillah  I have just become so busy and not to mention I am also at university. I thought to myself if I do not make one now, I may aswell never. So last night I flipped a coin… heads for blog and tails for youtube channel, I am sure you guys can figure out which one it landed on.

For those that do not know me….My name is Iqra Khan, 20 years old,  new to this whole blogging world but I’m sure you lovely people will help me get the hang of it.  I am crazy about skincare and makeup so I thought why not share my knowledge with the rest of you lovely ladies. 

On Instagram I can’t really go into depth about each product etc, I feel as though a blog is perfect for this as I can talk in depth about everything and I can make each post specific to you viewers.

I have just recently launched my own skin care brand on instagram called ‘@naturellebyiqrakhan’ so do check it out guys.

And finally guys just to let you know I will be posting on here 3 days a week- Wednesdays, Fridays , Sundays … so stay tuned! 

Guys I really hope you enjoy this xxxx