The Road to Recovery

Whether you have endured heartbreak, loss of someone close to you, didn’t get the job you wanted or simply life just isn’t your friend right now… I hope you find solace in my words.

When God decides to take something away from you or He doesn’t give you what you prayed consistently for, it does not mean it’s the end of the world nor does it mean you are being punished for something you had previously done. I’m not sure about you guys but when I was younger, I was always told “Iqra if you don’t do this this this, God will take this, this this away from you”. When I reached my teen years, again I was told by countless friends “well if you hadn’t of done that iqra, then this wouldn’t have happened. You just have to deal with the consequences now”. Before you all start thinking what the hell did you do Iqra?! It was nothing serious aha, just silly girly issues that you go through as a teen. Alot of the times, when I didn’t get what I wanted, I would start blaming God. Instead of maybe looking at the positives of why I didn’t get this and that, i’d look at the negatives of how God was punishing me, how life was being so unfair to me, how God was only making life hard for me and nobody else. Guys i would get so angry and fustrated at the thought of it, and not being able to talk about it to anyone made it worse.

Coming from a Pakistani family, as alot of you will know and may have experienced how hard it is to talk about ‘feelings’ and ‘issues’ openly at home. Anything that comes under the ‘psychological’ subject is hush-hush and swept under the carpet, it’s not something you can discuss. So you can imagine how hard it is to keep everything bottled up inside all the time and not having anyone to share it with. I think thats probably one of the main reasons why an individuals issues increase is beacuse there isn’t a supportive network for them to depend on, there isn’t that voice telling us it’s okay to share your problems and that there’s no need to go through it alone. The road to recovery isn’t done alone, you don’t have to be afraid to open up to someone and share your problems. Honestly you will feel 10000000 times better after sharing a problem.

As I got older, I started to blame God less and I realised that some things don’t work out for the best. I know at the time it won’t make sense but when you look back you’ll realise God was actually saving you from something, instead of ‘punishing’ you. Somethings may seem perfect on the outside but what the eye may fail to see is that its actually toxic for you. just because something looks good, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Unfortunately growing up, I was never given such advice. I was always told, if you didn’t get what you wanted it’s because you didn’t try hard enough or the fact that God was punishing you, now when I look back it makes me laugh. Growing up, I had a habit of believing anything anyone would tell me. Someone could tell me they were visiting the moon and i’d probably believe them, heck i’d even ask my mom if I could go with them.

It’s pretty simple guys… Everything happens for a reason, just because you had a bad day, didn’t get what you wanted or are going through a bad relationship pahse… It doesn’t mean you’re being punished for something nor do you deserve it, but always try to make a negative situation into a positive. Some good always comes out of a negative experience, whether that’s making you stronger as a person. making you wiser, opening your eyes or stopping you from repeating the same mistake again. Sometimes things aren’t meant to be because you don’t deserve it, you deserve 1000 times better than that but who can we blame? we are all greedy people, who take the first ‘good’ thing that life throws at us without thinking twice if it’s actually good for us in the long run or not. Somethings may seem great for us but in the long run it’s not so good for us, letting go of it may seem like the worst thing ever but I promise you when you look back at it after a couple months, you’ll laugh and think to yourself ‘what was I doing’.

The world isn’t going to crash nor are you going to lose your life because someone left you, because you didn’t get the grades you wanted or because you didn’t get the job you wanted. Life is a learning curve, you got to fall, then pick yourself up, trip again along the way, in order to recovery.

And if you’re like me, someone that believes in a God, don’t give up on Him. Regardless of what situation you are put in, He’ll see it through with you.

Have hope, stay happy and positive in every situation, don’t bottle things up because in the long run it will do more harm than good and if you ever ever ever need someone too talk too… I’m here 🙂 x




Iqra x