‘Glowing to the gods’ hmmmmm…. really?

GUESS WHOS BACK IN DA BUILDING? ITS MEEEEEEEEEEE 😀 I hope you didn’t miss me too much and I apologize for bring away for nearly 2 months. I don’t even know where to start guys like university assignments and exams took over, spending most of my time hauled up in the library or looked in my room revising. Then when I did get the slightest bit of time to myself it was consumed with business orders so what I’m trying to say guys is I didn’t even have a minute to spare for a block in 48 hours… I’M BACK WITH A BANG NOW, READY TO SHARE ALL MY FAVE BEAUTY PRODUCTS, MY NOT SO FAVES AND COME ON YOU ALL KNOW HOW I LOVE A BARGAIN! SO I WILL BE SHOWING YOU GUYS ALOT OF DUPES AND SOME REALLY AFFORDABLE MAKEUP THAT’S BETTER THAN THE SO CALLED ‘BEST’. 

So I’m going to start this post of with my favourite highlighters (100% guarantee you they’ll blind your haters). 

Just a health and safety precautions guys- please wear sunglasses when viewing the swatches. Thank you x

Before I describe each one I’m going to upload photos of the swatches, so you guys know the shades. 

1. MAC- Retro speck 

So guys this is actually an eyeshadow which I use as a highlighter because of its luminous glow. 


  • I bought this from Tk max guys for £7.99 (super cheap) compared to its original price. 
  • The formula is not chalky or ashy
  • Easy to work with  
  • I like the Golden goddess theme to it 
  • It’s not very glittery 
  • An amazing highlighter shade when going for a bronze or dewy makeup look


  • I can only wear this highlighter when I’ve gone for a very brown golden look otherwise this colour does work with my skin tone as I’m x10 shades lighter lol. 

2. Ofra highlighter- Beverly Hills 


I always think highlighter pans like this Ofra one are a must!!! You have 6 colours in one ( 5 individual ones and then 1 when you mix them all). I have heard sooo many amazing things about ofra highlighters so I couldn’t help myself. 


  • The formula is literally to die for. It’s the perfect formula for highlighters. It’s so buttery, smooth and silky 
  • I hate highlighters that are full of glitter, so thank the lord this is not 
  • I love the fact that it’s so versatile. I use the darkest shade as a very gently bronzer and I use all the shades on my eyelids 
  • The formula is super easy to blend on any type of skin and each colour matches different skin tone. So you can sleep happy knowing you’ve got a shade for you lol 


  • None 

3. Makeup obsessions highlighter – H112 lightning, H102 pearl, eyeshadow E109 champagne 

I was going to talk about these highlighters from Makeuo forever individually in a separate review post but truth be told I honestly couldn’t wait because these are my favorite drugstore highlighters in the drugstore highlighter world lol. I bet you can’t guess how much each pan was?!!…..£3 yes let me spell that out THREEEEE POUNDS from boots online. 


  • They are super super cheap
  • Soooooo pigmented guys. The pigmentation is unreal 
  • It’s not powdery or chalky
  • Has a really soft feel to it
  • Melts into the skin 
  • Not sparkly or glittery 
  • Really easy to work with
  • The variety of shades is so good 


  • None

3. Kiko Milani summer 2.0 highlighting drops- golden shell 

The one one the left. 

This highlighter is different to the rest as it comes in a liquid form. I prefer a liquid highlighter than a powder form one, I guess that because I suffer from dry skin now and then so for me personally a liquid formula works better when I’m having my off days. 


  • The pigmentation and glow from this highlighter is immense 
  • It’s a beautiful golden shade, ideal for lightmedium to dark skin
  • It just glides on the skin and is easy to blend 
  • No glitter what’s so ever in this
  • It has a really nice silky smooth finish with an immense glow. 
  • It is so so so versatile. Sometimes I mix this in my foundation, other times I apply a powder highlighter on top to intensify the highlight even more 


  • Again I can’t wear this colour on a daily basis as it’s a very brozy shade so I can only wear it when I’m going for a very dark bronze look 

4. Kiko Milani eyeshadow 208

I feel like the powder solid version of the liquid highlight is an exact dupe. I can’t fault, like I said it’s the same as the liquid version. The only difference is that the highlight is even more intense in the 208 eyeshadow. 

So guys thats the end of my post on my highlighters so far. I might do one on highlighters I hate so stay tuned. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Thank you so much for the love and support 
Iqra xxx

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