My favourite nudes

Before I get into it, I know the title sounds a bit weird *cringes*, but don’t worry the only nudes you’ll be seeing are on my lips lol. 
As far as I can remember guys I’ve always loved the shade nude for my lips or neautral colours such as browns and light pinks, I’ve never really been a fan of really dark colours or bright colours. Actually let me correct that, when I was at the age of 15-17 I did go through a phase of emo and gothic coloured lips with a foundation shade that was 30 times more orange than I am. I’m not even orange guys, I have pale skin so you get the gist of it. Any how so other than those two years of god knows what I was doing, I’ve always played it safe when it comes to choosing the right colours for my lips. 

The photo above contains my favourite, favourite, favourite lip colours. They are not just my favourite because of the colour but also the formula of them are amazing! The photo under it, is the swatches of all the colours in the first photo in order of left to right. So I’m going to bullet point why I love each one:

Mac: Viva Glam II

  • Very delicate on the lips
  • It does not dry your lips out
  • I’ve only ever had to apply this twice in the day, does not wear off
  • Pretty, subtle nude colour 
  • Subtle shimmer to it- goes really well with a natural or glowly look

So guys if you want to play it safe and want a colour that reflects your lip colour but has a slight shimmer to it then this is the one.  

NARS: Pago Pago

  • Hydrating for the lips, I find that it’s really moist on the lips. Again doesn’t dry the lips out at all. 
  • There a gold and silver pigments in the lipstick which really gives it such a beautiful sparkle to the lips. It’s not extravagant or anything, it’s just really pretty and again the shimmer is subtle but it definitely stands out more than the Mac one. 
  • It has a more brown tone to it rather than a pinky tone
  • It’s the perfect nude colour with a shimmer
  • Only downside is you do have to re apply it a few times because the shimmer does fade after an hour or two.

NYX soft matte lip cream: Abu Dhabi, London- these two shades are probably the most popular ones out of the whole collection. 

  • A lot of people say that these dry out your lips and crack them etc, I can’t lie but yes if worn on their own then it can dry out your lips but I’ve found that if you scrub your lips before application and apply a lip balm or Vaseline or an oil to you lips, wait 3 mins then apply the NYX lip cream. It works wonders and your lips then do not dry out and I find the the lip cream lasts even longer. 
  • Doesn’t budge all day, I don’t even have to touch up on my lips even after I’ve eaten or drank something.
  • I like the finish of it as it is matte
  • They really make my lips look more defined and plump.
  • I love the colour of both of them as they are not too dark and not too light, it’s a perfect brown nude 
  • It looks really beautiful on all skin tones – light, medium and dark 
  • I love the colours so much that I like to wear it as a lipgloss. Once I’ve applied the lip cream, I then go over it with a clear lip gloss.

I feel like these NYX soft matte lip creams are the best matte liquid lipstick I have tried because they are so versatile and the formula is so buttery. 

BareMinerals Purely Brilliant– Smoorh Burgandy

  • This is my favourite favourite colour and my favourite formula. I love the formula of this, it’s amazing. I love it so much that I went and stocked up and bought two more lol.
  • This colour is a lot darker than all the rest, it’s more of a plum/ red wine colour but it has like brown tone to it. 
  • It last all day, budge proof, water proof. You name it guys. I can happily apply this at 9am knowing that at 9pm it’ll look the same
  • The formaul is smooth, silky and slightly buttery
  • Keeps lips hydrated and plumped
  • It’s a really beautiful colour for Autumn especially.

Make Up Forever Lab Shine Diamond Collection  – D16 

  • This is a shimmery lipgloss unlike the rest which are liquid lipsticks or a normal lipstick
  • It isn’t sticky at all, it glides onto your lips so smoothly 
  • It has really really beautiful gold specks in the formula 
  • Smells of peaches
  • Normally with lip glosses I have to apply it like 4 times during the day, whereas this one I’ve only applied twice during the day
  • It’s very versatile- I like to use it as a eyeshadow, in my inner eye corners and I sometimes when applied to my lips I like to apply some powder over it to make it matte 
  • The actually colour of the lipgloss is a light peach colour- I love this colour for the summer. It looks really beautiful on olive skin tones

NYX Liquid Suede cream lipstick- 07

  • Very thick and buttery 
  • You don’t have to keep applying it to build full coverage, one coat is more than enough 
  • Last all day
  • Does not dry out the lips
  • It comes in a large tube, lasts forever 
  • Pinky brown shade 
  • Only downside is the applicator brush is abit big 

NYX lingerie– 06

  • I wasn’t really a big fan of these to start of with, I found them to be very drying and my lips would crack, now I don’t know if they’ve switched up the formula or if it’s because I’m applying lip balm before it but it doesn’t dry out my lips anymore.
  • It isn’t sticky, I find it to be smooth on my lips
  • It dries Matte which I like
  • The consistency is thick and buttery again
  • I love the colour of it as it’s a dark peachy pink colour, I find I can wear this colour with anything and again it’s very beautiful when coated with a clear lipgloss
  • The only downside is it dries out very fast in the bottle so make sure you screw the lid on tightly. 

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