The perfect Hijab

Sorry for keeping you waiting guys, I know a post is long over due but I’ve been so busy with university and my business that I haven’t even had 5 minutes to myself this week. 

I have decided to do this specific post on hijabs as my snapchat followers and Instagram followers went crazy over my hijabs. I didn’t expect to see so many people interested in it, so I thought I owe you guys a review on the best hijabs ever. 

For over a year now, I have stuck to one company for my hijabs which is HeartHijabs I am in love with their hijabs because of the amazing and luxurious material at super super cheap prices, I’m only talking a couple of pounds guys!!

Now I know alot of people will say ‘hijab is a hijab, there’s no biggie about it, all you need is just any scarf on your head’ but guys that’s far from the issue you see. When I first started wearing a hijab three years ago, I struggled because I felt like the scarfs I had did not flatter me or do my fat face any justice instead it made me really weary of my appearance and how the scarf looked on me and sometimes it did bring my self esteem down because to me the right scarf is just as important as the clothes you go out it. When you go out you want to wear nice clothes, that’s the same principle us hijabis follow when choosing a scarf to wear! So any how I really struggled at the beggining because I was a student and didn’t wanna pay so much money for a hijab so it was hard to find something I like. 

Now fast foreword 2 years and I came across HeartHijabs while browsing the Internet and at first when looking through their page, I didn’t think much of the scarfs when ordering them as they were super cheap so I thought they probably aren’t even good material but anywho let’s try them out!! Wasn’t I very wrong about that. The scarfs from there are so beautiful guys and fits any face shape, I fell in love with them and I’m so glad I found them. There are sooooo many styles and designs to chose from at such affordable prices like as little as £3 a hijab or £2. 

Below I’m going to show you some of my favourite hijabs from there 🙂 

Black Maxi Jersey £3.60

Beige large maxi £2.85

Faux Gold Vogue Maxi Hijab £3.90

Black Cotton Maxi Jersey £4.20

As you can see you can just about wear there scarfs in any style you want, they are so versatile and all I need is one hijab pin to keep it in place. Ladies if you don’t check them out you are missing out x

Loose setting powders 

Heeeeeeeeeey guys 🙂 I’ve been really excited to be doing this post as I believe a good setting powders makes a huge difference to your end makeup result. In this post I’ve decided to list 3 loose setting powders that I love to use for baking under eye and lightly setting the rest of the face with. I hope you guys enjoy it 🙂

Before I start I know you might all be sitting there looking at The Body Shop powder and the Bare Minerals thinking ‘my god how dark does this girl want to go’ LOL trust me when I say that it may look orangy/ pink but when applied to the skin there is no colour 🙂

  1. Laura Mercier translucent setting powder. 

Again before I get into it, I don’t think this product is all that they way people rave about it. In my personal experience it’s like a 7/10 and for the price I don’t think it’s worth it which is why I’ve only ever repurchased it once after. There’s a dupe for this but like a 8.5/10 dupe which is ‘the cornsilk loose setting powder’ and it’s only like £6 from Amazon. I would have done a review on it but I finished the pot and haven’t bought another one yet but guys the cornsilk loose setting powder is totally worth it. I’m going abit of topic so back to the Laura mercier setting powder.

The reasons why I like it:

  • No flash backs
  • Has a silky texture rather than a powdery one
  • Keeps your makeup on all day so no touch ups
  • Brightens up your under eye and the rest of the face that you have baked

The reason why I have rated it low is because it creases under my eyes a lot. A setting powder is not a setting powder if it allows creases to appear under your eye and I have to apply quiet a lot of the powder for a highlighted look and this can end up really drying my under eye
2. The Body Shop loose face powder (02)

A lot of you by now must know I am a huge fan of The Body Shop products, both skin care and make up. I don’t think they are given enough appreciation for their makeup products. In all honesty they sell high end products at affordable prices.

I love their loose setting powder soooo much…

  • Does not try the under eye area
  • Does not crease
  • Full coverage
  • No flashbacks
  • Looks super natural
  • Works amazing for both oily skin and dry
  • A little powder goes along way
  • Has a really nice buttery soft texture
  • The colour is just right
  • A range of shades to chose from

3. Bare Mineral perfect light mineral viel

The Bare Mineral loose setting powder reminds me a lot of the YSL soufflé d’Eclat loose powder due to its beautiful pearly finish.

  • Medium to full coverage -buildable
  • Does not crease
  • No flash backs
  • It’s blurs imperfections
  • Gives of a really fresh and awake look
  • Flawless finish
  • Lightweight

My favourite makeup brushes 

Using the right makeup brushes for your makeup is really important guys and it can make such a difference to your makeup! I am going to list my favourite brushes when doing my makeup. You don’t loads and loads of brushes you just need a few good ones. I switch up my brushes but like out of the 50+ brushes I own, these are the brushes that have never let me down: 

Foundation blending/ buffing brush:

  1. Zoeva 102/silk finish
  2. So eco finishing brush 
  3. Niko pro
  • Flawless finish 
  • No streaks
  • Individual hair bristles have never fallen out
  • Gentle on the skin 
  • Easy to use 
  • These brushes really help work the foundation into the skin 

Concelor brush/ highlight brush:

  1. Niko pro
  • The hairs on the brush are so fine and silky 
  • No creasing of concealer 
  • Flawless/ smooth finish 
  • Doesn’t drag the concelor 
  • Doesn’t waste product 
  • Really delicate to the under eye 
  • The right size for under eye highlight 

Contour brushes 

  1. Niko Pro
  2. Stilla 35
  • Shape/ angle of the brush is really good for a defined and sharp contour 
  • It’s very accurate 
  • Love the Niko pro brush for nose contour, it is so accurate 

Setting under eye 

  1. Morphe (there’s no number lol it came in a set)
  • Small brush
  • Perfect size for setting under eye
  • It doesn’t drag product
  • Delicate on the under eye
  • It’s amazing when dusting of excess powder under eye

Face powder brush

  1. Morphe

  • Easy to set face as it’s a big powder brush
  • Hair doesn’t fall of the brush
  • Gives a flawless finish after buffing in the powder 

Angled Contour powder brush 

  1. Eco tools angled face 
  • Defined contour 
  • Super easy to blend
  • Very soft 
  • Accurate angle to it 
  • Versatile as I like to use it for my nose also 

Blush brush

  1. bh cosmetics 108
  • Big sized brush 
  • Fluffy 
  • Doesn’t apply the powder on heavy
  • Give a natural flawless, flushed cheek look
  • Versatile as I sometime like to use it as a face powder brush 

Highlight brush

  1. Eco tools highlighting fan 
  • The right size, not too long and not too short
  • Soft
  • Picks ups a good amount of highlighter 
  • Again this is a accurate brush when placing highlight in the correct place 

My hair care routine 

I know I haven’t posted in the last couple of days, sorry for that guys I’ve just been super super busy but I’m back now!

So today I thought I would do a post on my hair care as it’s a very important topic and I know a lot of people don’t have time to look after their hair correctly or give it the right care it needs because you know we are all so busy with things we totally forget. I literally don’t even have 20 mins in the day to treat my hair correctly so I thought how about give your hair just 5 minutes of love each day and you’ll see a big difference 🙂 guys just to let you know you don’t need anymore than three products for your hair!!

Also guys being a hijabi it makes it even more difficult for me to maintain my hair as I’m so used to just tying it back in a bun and putting my hijab on. Not looking after my hair correctly really did have a impact on it, it became really thin, lifeless, flat, my hair strands would just snap in half and I was losing a lot of hair, also because I have wavy/ curly hair my hair would become knotted and hard to brush. 

What did I do? 

So nearly 10 months ago I started looking into hair products and what to use. I tried out different shampoos, conditioners, hair pills and oils but not everything worked for my hair, some products made me lose even more hair and some did nothing for my hair. I baiscally  gave up at this point until I came across a shampoo and conditioner in Tk maxx. I don’t know why but they just caught my attention, so after reading the labels I purchased them and started to use them. 

For the last 6 months I have been using ‘SHE Aromatherapy pure botanicals maximum volume shampoo’ and ‘essano ketain complex smoothing conditioner’ and I love the combination of these two products as they have really helped my hair. 

I wash my hair 3 times a week because washing your hair too much can damage your hair even more . After just using these two products for 3 weeks I noticed my hair was a lot more fuller, glossy and smoother. It was a lot more easier to maintain and I barely had any tangles in my hair, brushing my hair was so much easier even though my hair is curly/ waves. Also I noticed that my hair was not falling out as much compared to before like even just brushing my hair would produce soooo many strands of hair but after using these two products it was less frequent. My hair also felt a lot stronger and thicker. 

While I was using these two products, I was also busy producing my facial oil which has now been released. In the past past I have had bad experience with using hair oils so I was very hesitant with using anything that is why I didn’t put anything else in my hair but after some time using the shampoo and conditioner I did notice my hair wasn’t actually growing, it was just getting thicker. This is when I decided I would start using my own oil in my hair as it’s 100% organic and i know exactly what has been put into it. I was skeptic about it because I didn’t really know if my own oil would work for my hair as it was made for the face but boy was I wrong!! I would apply it to damp hair or even dry hair 4 times a week and it made such a massive difference to my hair!! It grew very quickly and remained really soft and silky. Also I use to have frizzy hair due to it being curly/ wavy and the oil completely got rid of the friz and made my hair very manageable. 

Guys I swear by these products especially the shampoo and conditioner because it completely transformed my hair it a matter of months and I haven’t switched my shampoo or conditioner for the last 6 months. 

Using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair is very important, it may not seem important but it really is guys! Especially conditioner, it’s essential for the hair.

The Body shop Moisture Foundation SPF15

Let me start of by saying I know it’s late for a post but I could not sleep without doing this one!! 

I would class this foundation as a drugstore foundation due to its price £15, I bought it for 30% off in the VIP event (love a good bargain) HOWEVER GUYS and this is a BIG HOWEVER, the formula and application of this foundation definitely matches a high end foundation. The Body Shop Moisture Foundation SPF15 does remind me a lot of  Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation. 

I have always been a big fan of The Body Shop as they have never let me down and they sell really good quality makeup not just skin care. It’s definitely worth splurging a bit on The Body Shop makeup range. 

I really really love this foundation because it’s has a beautiful, flawless  dewy finish and in photos it looks unreal. It also has a really nice subtle yellow tone, which works really good with my skin tone. I did swatch a couple of the colours in the store, it turned out I was in the shade 05. Now I know I’m the bottle it may look a tad dark and I thought that but once I applied the foundation, it matched my skin colour perfectly.

Guys I’m pretty sure you can see for yourself the glow this foundation gives off, it’s unreal!! It really gave my face a beautiful ,fresh and uplifted look. This foundation doesn’t sink into the pores or any fine lines in your skin, nor does it look cakey or ashey and it lasts all day.  I applied it with a damp beauty blender which I sprayed with rosewater and glycerine, to make sure it stayed in place. 

I am really in love with this foundation (10/10) , I think it’s going to be my holy grail foundation from now on because I suffer from dry skin so I’m always looking for the perfect foundation that’s give a nice all rounded dewy finish and I feel like this is the one!

You need this foundation in your life! 

The right concealer for the right job (high end version) 

The most popular questions that people seem to ask me about, is the right concealer for the right part of the face and what my favourite high end concealers are. So in this post I’m going to talk about 5 totally different high end concelors that I love to wear and why I love them so much. 

The first concealer that I absolutely love is the Kevyn Aucoin skin enhancer in the shade SX02 (if it helps when picking your shade, I am nc20 in Mac studio fix concealer and nc25 in the foundation, I also have it in the shade SX04 to cover and marks etc). If I had come across this concealer first I wouldn’t have bought all the others as I feel like this is an all in one.  I really love to use this for everything guys seriously, I can’t fault it! 

  • Very very very full coverage 
  • It is very versatile, can be used as a highlighter, to cover dark areas or spots or any imperfection, it can be used as a foundation as well when mixed with a facial oil or moisturiser
  • There’s a wide range of colours to choose from
  • Flawless application 
  • Blends very easily as it feels like butter
  • Last all day and doesn’t budge or crease


  • Can’t wear it every single day as it breaks me out, it’s to heavy for my skin 
  • Very pricey concealer 

The second concealer is Stilla perfecting concealer in the shade c 04. Now this is a lot darker than my other concealers as I like to you this specifically for darker areas on the skin and under eyes. I apply this before I apply my foundation, just so I have more of an even finish to my skin. 


  • Full coverage
  • Super easy to blend
  • Stay on all day 
  • The formula isn’t too thick or heavy 
  • The shade range is really good
  • You only need the tinest amount


  • Once blended it can feel abit greasy on the skin
  • You can’t go without powder! You need to use powder after applying this concealer or you’ll look like a grease ball

The next concealer is the charlotte tilbury   The Retoucher in the shade 2 Fair. I love this concealer as a under eye highlight or if I’m just going for a natural makeup look!! 


  • It’s creates a super creamy but light, glowy look.
  •  It really brightens up your under eye in a natural looking way. 
  • It’s not cakey or thick, the formula is thin but buildable
  • Application is flawless 
  • No creasing


  • Hate the packaging it comes in, the twisty thing is so annoying and wastes product. 

Now onto Nars radiant creamy concealer. Now I have a love hate relationship with this product because at time I just want to smash it because if not applied correctly it just looks a mess. For under eye highlight I’m in the shade vanilla and for correcting darks areas I am in the shade custard. Now I’ve stopped using vanilla for my under eye highlight as I feel like it really creases my under eye and makes my under eye look grey and ashi for some reason. However I do love to use custard to even out my skin tone before applying foundation  

Pros of the custard:

  • Easy to apply
  • Super blendable 
  • Good colour match 



Finally Mac studio fix plus. This is my all time favourite concealer for correctioning discolouration and spots etc. I’ve had this for nearly 2 years and I love it! I’m in the shade nc20. 


  • Long lasting product
  • Easy application 
  • Formula is buttery
  • Coverage is buildable
  • Doesn’t feel greasy 
  • Really covers spots and pimples and discolouration 


  • Don’t use for under eye at all if you have dry skin!!!! It’s a no go

Overall guys the best concealer for me personally had to be the Kevyn Aucoin skin enhancer. I love it so much and like I said it’s soooo versatile. 
Here’s a quick search guys of the concelor with flash and no flash. 

Korean haul part 1

I’ve always been a huge fan of Korean product, I just think they are sooo amazing and nothing like the normal skin care products we use. I don’t think a lot of people have tried Korean products like if you asked me 2 years ago “what are Korean products?” I wouldn’t be able to answer it lol. I was first introduced to Korean products by a friend of mine who was Korean lol (the irony ). Ever since then I really started to reaserch more into Korean products and the benifits and so on. 

A couple of days ago I did a Korean haul on my snapchat (iqrakhvn) and the recieved were amazing, the screenshots were going wild!! So I thought why not do a blog about it on here :).  
In total I order more products than the photos displayed above but I thought I’d break it down and do two seperate reviews on it. So as you can see in the above I used all them together so as part of a skin care routine. Then I used the second part of the haul as a second skin care routine which I will do a post about another day.  Just to let you know I purchased these products from except for the wonder pore which was from tk maxx, it can also be purchased from Amazon. 

I am officially obsessed with these products.  I have fully fallen head over heals with this combination. You maybe thinking I’m over exaggerating but I’m not!!! Korean products are winning in the skin care game. All of the products above  gave me an instant result and I was shocked to see how quick it made my skin glow up. I really like to use these altogether as I feel like it gives you the full shabang! So I am going to put them in order of what I used first etc. To be honest guys this set to me is a complete skin care set that can be used on its own. 

So let’s start with style black head brush cleanser. Guys this is the bomb, no way am I wasting like £9 on a few biore strips when I’ve got this. Im guessing it is some type of face and blackhead wash which has a brush attached to the end, this  really get into your pores and gives your face and pores a good scrub removing black heads and white heads. Like I mentioned earlier I saw results instantly, after rubbing my face and nose for 30 seconds, my nose was baby soft with very few black heads, it got rid of the majority and it tightened up my pores and gave them a good clean out. 

Then after I used the etude house whipping foaming which again I can’t complain about. It does exactly what it says to deep cleanse pores, balance your skin pH level, refine skin tone and minimise appearance of pores. It’s an ideal product to have in your skin care routine as it can be used as a face mask and a cleanser. 

Then I went onto applying sewame spots and whitening mask, I don’t tend to get whitening masks but I thought I’d try it out as I’ve never come across a face mask that claims to reduce spots, be warned this face mask has a lot of serum in it so defo save it!! This mask really tightened my face and made it very smooth and after my face did look a lot brighter.

 Then finally I applied this cute little product which is Hanoaka chuchu lip scrub in the flavour strawberry and cotton candy, this tastes so good!! I ended up eating it and Licking it of my lips. I have the lush lip scrub and this is nothing compared to it. The chuchu lip scrub has a jelly texture with an oil base so you don’t need to apply lip balm, this hydrated my lips instantly. 

All- Clear Mint Pack (W.Lab ) Review

Hi guys I’m very nervous writing this because it’s the first time I am doing something like this so I don’t even know if I’m doing it right or not *crys*.

The first thing I want to talk about is ‘All-Clear Mint Pack’ By W.Lab which is a Korean products. Guys you can never go wrong with Korean products, they are amazing. If uk products, Korean products and American products were playing monopoly, Korean products would be the one with all the hotels, houses on Mayfair LOL And owned most of the properties.img_9223

So believe me when I say this mask is literally gold. It has to be my all time favourite masks and my go to face mask for any emergency or when my skin needs that TlC. I feel like this face mask is a multi-purpose mask because not only does it get underneath your skin and clear you pores about but it also tightens your skin and gives you that fresh, wide awake look. I can’t lie guys it does have a very strong mint smell, I don’t think the smell is a problem as I think it’s quiet refreshing.

Now let me describe how it feels OMG!! This is the best bit! So when you apply the mask, it has a cool tingly feeling which is not painful but very unusual. I have never experienced this cool tingly sensation in my life, the more I apply the face mask the more I start to like the feeling. After 20 seconds of applying it, my skin feels like it’s sucking in air (you know how after you’ve had a airways chewingum, that weird airy feeling it leaves in your mouth like you can just suck in air, that’s basically the feeling it has on your face!!). I left the mask on for 15 mins until my face felt tight, then washed it off with warm water. Now this is the part I don’t really like guys, it’s quite hard to rub the mask off because it sticks to your face, you have to rub your face for some time before the masks starts to remove. Thats the only down side to it and if it gets in your eyes it burns! But apart from that I love it because it opens up my pores like nothing I’ve seen before, cleans out all the gunk in my skin that ovbiously isn’t visible to the human eye, leaves my skin feeling sooo fresh and smooth like a baby’s bottom so what’s not to like about it 🙂

This is the second time I’ve purchased this product. I bought it from tk maxx for £11.99, for the price it’s decent as it does come in a very large tub and the consistency is thick so only a little amount of product is needed to cover the face. Guys if you can’t find it in Tk maxx, Amazon sells it too xxx

Hope you enjoyed my first blog reviewy thingy lol xxxx

About Me

Hi my lovely viewers, as you may all know I have been meaning to make a blog or youtube channel for such a long time but I have never got round to it, especially now with my business booming Allhumdillah  I have just become so busy and not to mention I am also at university. I thought to myself if I do not make one now, I may aswell never. So last night I flipped a coin… heads for blog and tails for youtube channel, I am sure you guys can figure out which one it landed on.

For those that do not know me….My name is Iqra Khan, 20 years old,  new to this whole blogging world but I’m sure you lovely people will help me get the hang of it.  I am crazy about skincare and makeup so I thought why not share my knowledge with the rest of you lovely ladies. 

On Instagram I can’t really go into depth about each product etc, I feel as though a blog is perfect for this as I can talk in depth about everything and I can make each post specific to you viewers.

I have just recently launched my own skin care brand on instagram called ‘@naturellebyiqrakhan’ so do check it out guys.

And finally guys just to let you know I will be posting on here 3 days a week- Wednesdays, Fridays , Sundays … so stay tuned! 

Guys I really hope you enjoy this xxxx